Purely Irrigation install, service and repair a wide range of irrigation system sprinklers and watering heads.

Sprinkler heads / Sprinklers

Watering heads, sprinkler heads, pop ups, sprinklers, gear drives, rotators - they come under many different names, but the job they do is pretty much the same, they are designed to distribute the water to your garden evenly and effectively through your reticulation system. 


There are many different types of retic heads and each are designed to do the job slightly differently. The most common type of sprinkler heads found in residential reticulation systems are the popup type, which have a removable nozzle and a filter. The nozzle patterns can vary depending on the area they are watering, and they are prone to blockages from sand, dirt grit, and soil. Once blocked your reticulation system is no longer working as efficiently as it should. We recommend regular flushing of your retic system, and replacement of faulty sprinkler heads to minimise the chances of brown patches appearing on your lawn.


We service and install all types of reticulation watering heads, including high flow gear driven retic heads, MP rotators as pictured right, standard popups, spray misters, shrubbers, spinners. Your sprinkler heads directly affect the amount of water your retic system uses, and more importantly the amount of water you waste.

We are often asked by our customers how to use less water, and improve watering efficiency of their reticulation system, and one of the easiest and most economical ways of doing this is to switch to the MP Rotators as pictured above. Due to the nature of the jets from these heads there is a greater reduction in water loss through wind blowing the water away from where it was intended, reduced run off due to slower flow rate, and more accurate watering patterns with matched precipitation. Speak to us about upgrading your retic system to MP Rotators today, or be sure to spec them when installing your new irrigation system.


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