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Reticulation health check service, landlord inspections for your garden irrigation system

Purely Irrigation can perform a reticulation system health check, and issue you with a full report on the condition of your home irrigation system.

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Reticulation System Health Check

Every reticulation system requires a degree of maintenance. The whizz kids and their computers are yet to design a maintenance free irrigation system. The key to maintaining a healthy garden irrigation system, and ultimately a healthy garden, is being proactive!


Purely Irrigation are all too familiar with the issues commonly faced on reticulation systems that have not been properly maintained.


If watering heads are blocked, or incorrectly specified or fitted, then your lawns and garden beds are going to pay the price. If your solenoids are not correctly fitted or maintained then it's your pocket that's going to suffer when your water bill arrives. 


The good news is that most reticulation problems can be drastically reduced just by performing a few routine maintenance checks. Our health check sees us perform a 10 point check that covers everything from watering efficiency to leaks and leak prevention, and legal compliance with government irrigation guidelines.


Our reticulation health checks serve as a great add on to an existing real estate property inspection, ensuring the system is maintained properly, and thus reduced the moneys that have to be forked out by property owners when the system goes down. 


We will perform a full inspection of your retic system and complete a written report for your consideration. Our report will show the overall condition of the irrigation system and will outline any recommendations for improvement. Our report is totally without obligation, and you are free to choose how you proceed.


Contact us today to discuss your health check requirements.



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