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Rain water tanks

Purely Irrigation can show you how to save money, and help the environment with a proffesionally installed rainwater tank.

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Rainwater tanks

Whilst WA is has one of the lowest rainfall percentages in the whole of Australia, there is still justifiable cause to install a rainwater tank. If you have a large roof area that is currently draining to ground, then you are potentially pouring money down the drain.


Purely Irrigation install water tanks, which collect the rainfall from your roof during winter time, then distribute the collected water over your garden in the summer.


As we Perth residents are only too aware, water in Western Australia is a precious commodity that we should all be working hard to preserve. With rising water costs to consider too there has never been a better time to look at getting a rain tank installed at your residential or commercial property.


If you are interested in finding out how you can help the environment, whilst saving money and preserving our precious water supply, contact Purely Irrigation for a free no obligation consultation.



Rain water tanks Perth
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