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24 hr Retic repairs Perth, 24 hour response broken irrigation pipes, broken sprinkler head repairs, new retic controller installation
Got an emergency situation with your Irrigation system - .  Contact us now to discuss your immediate needs.

Emergency Reticulation Repairs Perth

Purely Irrigation provide an emergency call out service, specifically to handle emergency repairs of your garden irrigation system. We often receive calls from concerned customers, normally when there is a leak of some kind coming from the reticulation system. Water is so expensive these days that any delay to repair an open main, or to shut off a constantly running system, is going to hit you hard when your water bill arrives.


Fortunately Purely Irrigation are on hand to quickly respond to your needs day and night. We are able to respond to your irrigation emergencies quickly and efficiently, saving you money, and preserving our precious water supply. If your enquiry is during daylight hours - please contact us via our online enquiry form. We always respond to these enquiries very quickly - however adding emergency as your subject line will ensure you get the highest level of attention, and your enquiry will be prioritised immediately. Emergency call out fees may apply.

As part of our emergency reticulation repairs service we perform;

  • Emergency response to broken solenoids

  • Emergency solenoid replacement

  • Fast response and repairs to leaks

  • Emergency repairs to broken sprinkler heads

  • Rapid change over of broken retic controllers

  • Call out Emergency retic repair

  • Emergency leaking retic pipe repairs

  • Completion of watercorp leak allowance reports where applicable. 



If you have a genuine emergency, IE a major leak occurring right now - click here 

Emergency repairs to sprinkler systems in Perth Joondalup, call out repair service

We're very sorry but we are currently unable to offer an emergency call out due to the overwhelming number of bookings we have at the moment.

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