Below is a brief outline of our charges for irrigation services in Perths Northern Suburbs.
Its difficult to quote many servicing jobs as there are so many factors that can affect the time required  to repair some of the issues but this should serve as a good guideline.
For installations we would recommend a site survey and quote in all cases.
Irrigation Service Rates - Perth

Standard Call out fee $70.00+gst

Standard Hourly rates $70+gst per hour per technician charged in 15 minute increments. (Min charge in all cases $87.50+gst). Occasionally we will send two guys out to your job, and on this basis, we generally expect to finish the job in half the time or less, meaning your end cost will generally be the same.  

Quotes for installs are free, but quotes for service work are unfortunately not. There is usually a degree of troubleshooting required for an accurate quotation, for which our standard charges apply.

Emergency Call out fees

An emergency call out fee of $150+gst will apply in some cases if we are asked to drop what we are doing to attend, or if we are asked to attend on a Sunday or late at night.

Solenoid locating and broken wire tracing

We use Armada Pro wire tracers to locate valves and broken wires, so we don't have to dig up half of your garden in the process. This equipment is very expensive and to cover this we have to apply a surcharge of $50+gst for the use of the equipment. If we can't find your valves, we will not charge this fee, but we haven't failed yet.

Example of controller replacements;

  • Supply and installation of Hunter X-Core 6 Station Irrigation controller $295+gst if connected to a GPO, or independent 24v supply. $345+gst if hardwired to the mains.

  • Supply and installation of Rainbird WIFI enabled 6 Station Irrigation controller $400+gst if connected to a GPO, or independent 24v supply. $450+gst if hardwired to the mains.

Parts (Guide only);

Irritrol 2400 Solenoid valves $45+gst

Irritrol 2500 Solenoid Valves $47.50+gst

Rainbird DVF Valves - Slow closing so ideal for MCVs, or reducing water hammer. $49.00+gst

Sprinkler head, filter and nozzle assembly $12.50+gst each

Rainbird digital tap timers $105+gst plus installation

In most cases for service work there will be an additional charge for sundries such as pipe, fittings, repair couplings, control cable etc.


Approximate guide price  for 6 station system, 2 lawn front, 1 lawn back and 1 garden bed front, 2 garden beds back and sides would be approx $2500  to $3500+gst, including cut in by licensed plumber. Provision of power for controller not included. This price may vary due to landscape and clearways for pipe access, driveways to cross etc..



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