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Retic Repairs Perth

Purely Irrigation service, maintain and repair all retic systems, no matter how large or how small. We perform retic repairs to broken retic pipes, broken wiring, broken sprinklers, faulty retic controllers and faulty solenoid valves. We change sprinkler heads to improve watering efficiency, and to resolve dead patches on your lawn. We will identify problem areas within your retic system that may be causing loss of pressure, or generally affecting the quality of the water distribution on your garden


Our retic repair service covers just about every problem associated with your reticulation system, and we will quickly and efficiently have your retic system back up and running in no time. Proactive reticulations maintenance is the key to keeping your garden and your irrigation system in prime condition, and we recommend an annual inspection of your retic system to ensure your retic system remains in 'tip top' condition.

As part of our  reticulation repairs service, we perform;

  • Valve locating and repairs to broken solenoid valves

  • Faulty retic Solenoid valve replacement

  • Retic leak detection and repair service.

  • Repairs and improvements to broken sprinkler heads

  • Replacement of broken retic controllers

  • Electrical fault diagnosis and repair

  • Leaking retic pipe repairs 

  • Preventative reticulation maintenance 

  • Landlord inspections for retic systems



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