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Replacement of reticulation controllers, retic controller repairs and maintenance Perth

Purely Irrigation supply and install a wide range of reticulation controllers in Perth's northern suburbs at very competitive prices

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Reticulation controller installation

At the heart of virtually every irrigation system - is the reticulation controller. Most retic controllers are mains powered, either by being hard wired to mains voltage, or through a corded 10a plug and GPO socket. 


There are many different kinds of retic controllers on the market, but one of the key differences is that some are designed to operate outdoors, while others are designed to only run indoors, sheltered from the elements. Reticulation controllers are available in different sizes, depending on the number of stations you need to control. It is worth considering to over spec slightly, i.e. if you are running 6 stations, and you need a new reticulation controller, fitting a 9 station controller might only cost a few bucks more, but will give you the option to add further retic stations if you wish, further down the line.


Your retic controller should be set to the correct date and time, and will have a variety of programming functions that will allow you to switch the different zones within your reticulation system on and off during certain watering days.


Most retic controllers in use today are powered by mains AC voltage, and send a 24V AC signal to the solenoids to switch them on or off. There are some DC voltage retic controllers available for areas where power to an AC controller might be an issue. These can be powered by a 9v battery, and send a DC signal to the solenoids. This type of controller requires a special kind of coil (DC Latching) on the retic solenoid valve, which are more expensive, and harder to source spares for. 


Most reticulation controllers if correctly fitted will provide many years of trouble free operation. However nothing lasts forever and the controllers at some point will possibly fail. Purely Irrigation install a wide range of reticulation controllers, to suit a range of applications. 


Failure is not the only reason we might change a Retic Controller. New advances in technology mean that a new retic controller could well save you $$$ on your next water bill. New modern retic controllers come with options to automatically adjust watering times according to seasonal conditions, and rain sensors can be easily fitted to detect wet weather and adjust your watering patterns automatically. We also install a range of WIFI enabled retic controllers that can be controlled from an app on your phone. These retic controllers often will connect to an online weather service, and adjust the watering cycle depending on the amount of rain expected that day.


If you are having trouble with your reticulation controller, or would like to talk about how you could save money by upgrading your current irrigation controller, Contact  Purely Irrigation today.


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