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Weather Based WIFI Enabled Irrigation Controller Rebate Checklist

Prior to installing a WIFI Enabled controller we respectfully ask our customers to check the requirements below and confirm everything is 'good to go' prior to installation. 

Weather Based Smart Irrigation Controllers

There are currently some great options available for customers looking to take the next step in irrigation performance and efficiency with a great line up of WIFI enabled reticulation controllers. There are many benefits to installing a WIFI enabled weather based controller from the simple remote access to your settings and manual run controls from your mobile device whilst you are anywhere in the world, to the smart watering functions such as weather based scheduling, flow control options, and fully customisable watering schedules all year around.

Once the controller is set up, and connected to the internet via your WIFI, there is very little else to think about. However getting the controller on line does require some planning and thought before proceeding.

Once you have made the decision to proceed with the install of a WIFI enabled controller, we just need to ensure the following requirements have been checked and ticked off.

1) First and foremost - you will need a strong and reliable WIFI signal in the location of your controller. To test this yu should be able to take your mobile to the location of the controller, and going to your WIFI Settings to see how the strength looks

2) WIFI Broadcast Frequency - The WIFI enabled Weatherbased controllers are simple bits of equipment and don't use much bandwidth at all, however they do not work well on 5GHZ connections. Don't ask me why as I have absolutely no knowledge of WIFI protocols LO.


Hunter Hydrawise X2 with WAND Wifi Module

Our pick of the bunch!!! With X2, you can keep the familiar dial-based programming style offered by X-Core. If you upgrade X2 with WAND, programming is familiar, fast, and easy thanks to a helpful setup wizard using a smartphone or desktop device. Hydrawise maximizes water savings by automatically adjusting irrigation schedules based on local weather measurements sourced from the internet.

Our opinion: The X2 is a strong sturdy unit and well priced - this is our number one 'go to' at the moment.

Product information available here HUNTER Hydrawise X2

From $521+GST, supplied and installed (4ST)

Hunter Pro-C.jpg

Hunter Pro-C 

The HPC combines the power of the Hydrawise Wi-Fi-based irrigation management software and the convenience of Hunter PRO-C modular functionality into one next-generation controller. 

Among the controller’s many robust features is Predictive Watering™, which adjusts irrigation schedules based on local, real-time temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity. Users can also manage the controller from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The HPC is EPA WaterSense approved. Hydrawise is also compatible with Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control to start, stop, and suspend irrigation.

Our opinion: Excellent mid-level controller and becomes a competitive option on systems with 8 stations or more due to its modular system. 

Product information available here HUNTER Hydrawise X2

From $569+GST, supplied and installed (4ST)

PRO HC .jpeg

Hunter Hydrawise PRO-HC

The PRO-HC controllers have a full graphical touchscreen interface making programming without Wi-Fi connectivity simple, and even easier from the app.  The PRO-HC comes  fully WIFI enabled and the Hydrawise app is free to download. 

Our opinion: This is a well built and robust controller suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The PRO-HC is a highly versatile and powerful option and can be paired with flow meters to identify unusual water usage, indicating leaks or possible broken sprinklers.

Product information available here HUNTER Hydrawise PRO-HC

From $646+GST, supplied and installed (6ST)

Orbit B-Hyve

B-hyve® Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller for underground sprinkler systems lets you control your watering system in two ways. A waterproof, wall-mounted swing panel control that can be placed either indoors or outdoors and an easy-to-use smartphone app that you can access anywhere. Program watering zones, set schedules, and receive updates from the B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller that is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

Our opinion: This is a very competitive offering from Orbit. It's a budget controller with most of the features and functionality a home user would need. Good budget option, but lacking slightly on build quality and functionality compared to the X2. Limited powering options a big issue in our opinion. 

NOTE: This controller cannot be hardwired, or run from a 24V Supply. A local GPO is required to run one of these. 

Product information available here Orbit B-Hyve Video

From $395+GST, supplied and installed (6ST)

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