​Purely Irrigation is one of Perth's leading northern suburbs reticulation repair, installation and servicing companies covering all areas north of the river.

We offer a full retic repair and installation service in the northern suburbs of Perth, with a fast, friendly and efficient service.


We can install a brand new reticulation system for you, or simply service or upgrade your existing retic system, ensuring your retic system is maintained to it's optimum condition, and your water usage is kept to a minimum.

If your retic system is in need of some professional care and attention or if you're simply looking to extend your current reticulation system, or improve watering efficiency- contact Purely Irrigation today.​



Here in Western Australia the long, hot, and arid summers, can take their toll on the healthiest of gardens. A well designed and well maintained garden irrigation system will help overcome the effects of the harsh sunshine, and keep your garden looking lush and alive. Here at 'Retic Repairs Perth', we aim to show you how to do that.


Reticulation systems have to endure a wide range of environmental factors, which could all impact on the systems performance. A poorly maintained retic system will not only put your luscious garden beds at risk, but it will hurt you in the pocket, especially when you receive your bill for excessive water usage..


We at Purely Irrigation are able respond quickly to your retic repairs and service requirements, so if you feel your retic system is not working as well as it used to, don't put it off any longer -  give us a call. Retic Repairs Perth - your local retic repair and installation professionals.

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